Beyond Genocide

Beyond Genocide Exhibition

Beyond Genocide ChinaThis emerging series of 25 contemporary illuminated manuscripts examines regions of the world where historic scale episodes of genocide have been perpetrated.

Beyond Genocide
reflects the manuscript illuminators’ treatise on the social phenomena of genocide.

Each illumination portrays the path of contemplation and commentary as a visual story which represents a culture or civilization threatened or extinguished by the violence of genocide.

Uniting all illuminations in this series is the inclusion of the traditional blessing within Jewish liturgy known as “The Mourners Kaddish” inscribed into each composition.  The ancient Aramaic prayer for the dead expresses a profound depth of compassion in a collective, sacred prayer of remembrance and blessing, by the hand of the illuminator.

This penetrating and complex series is based on thorough research and displays a virtuosity of techincal skill honed over 30 years of practice. The impact of the viewing experience creates an inspiring, tragic and transformational commentary addressing the crimes of genocide.  The intention of the artist is to deliver, to the viewer, a platform and window into a deeply personal reflection of our common legacy of genocide.

The exhibition is available for display for brief or extended invitation as a traveling exhibit. Lecture and interactive workshops are designed to enhance the educational experience of this exhibit.  Exhibitions are crafted individually to meet your community’s educational needs and budget.  Please visit our “Borrowing Guidelines” pages for more information or contact our studio about how to bring your community Beyond Genocide!

Limited edition series of 250, artist signed and numbered archival grade Giclee prints are available for purchse for permanent collections.