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  • Limited Edition Ketubah
  • Limited Edition World Language Vows for Wedding or Anniversary
  • Blessings to Celebrate Life!
  • Certificates for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Brilliant and Original Illuminated Manuscripts with a Global Perspective
on the Universe of Love.
Cherish Your Love for Generations to Come.
Buy Artist Direct for Authenticity, Archival Quality and the Best Value in Artistry.

Illuminating Love and Marriage with the world!

Our web gallery is upgraded with simple pricing.   The artistry of Amy Fagin represents the mastery of contemporary art emerging over decades of focus on the craft of manuscript illumination. My artistic style reflects a broad spectrum of inspired designs and 30+ years of studio artistry and cottage industry of hand crafted fine art reproductions.  Compositions incorporate an intellectual curiosity with a sinuous arrangement of space, pattern, symbolism and  imagery.  My illuminations convey an exuberant, multi-layered visual exploration of the legacy of art expression made modern, made sacred.  With texts now available in 6 world languages I celebrate my love with, well, everyone!  My limited edition giclee and lithography ketubot and illuminated wedding vows grace the homes of over ten thousand couples, world wide. I encourage you to buy artist direct for the finest quality materials and the very best for appreciable value.  We love to hear from customers, and if you have special requests for gold leaf, layered compositions, text modifications or any other special request please contact the studio any time.  We can make lots of unique personalizing that will make your illumination completely and uniquely YOURS!  We are here to help make your wedding day a divine experience, and your marriage vows a testimony to your love for generations to come!